Veronica Taylor, CPC, Leadership Coach, founder of Life Leaders Coaching


Veronica Taylor, CPC, Leadership Coach  Life Leaders Coaching

Veronica Taylor, CPC, Leadership Coach

Life Leaders Coaching

At the age of 30, Veronica Taylor had the life most women would kill for.  She was happily married, a career with a great salary, debt-free, and owned her own home.  Though it was a perfect life on the outside, the inside was very different.  She felt drained, anxious, full of guilt and fear, and unable to be joyful or proud of her accomplishments. 

But it wasn’t until she lost her job and a very dear friend that she realized her life was incomplete.  Forced to re-examine everything, she began a journey that would ultimately lead her to rediscover herself.  Through this work, she learned how to remove self-doubt, negativity, and the fears that plagued her, and what she was left with was a new life, built on her own terms, and lived with courage and authenticity.

It has since been her life’s mission and purpose to put her experience to use by helping other women through the crucial and life-changing journey of self-discovery. As a certified leadership coach (CPC), a Master Practitioner in the Energy Leadership Index (ELI-MP), and a radio show host, she is doing just that.

Veronica is the founder of Life Leaders Coaching where she coaches women in their 20s and 30s, individually or through group sessions, who are in search of greater meaning and fulfillment in their lives.  She brings passion and personal experience to this work and is an avid believer in women being leaders.  In Veronica’s view, leadership should be a skill used in all aspects of life and not reserved solely for the workplace. Leadership is more than the ability to lead others or perform well in the boardroom; it is the driving force behind a successful and well-lived life – personally and professionally!

Her uniquely designed 3-step coaching process, Discover, Grow, and Sustain, supports women through self-discovery and transformation in order to ensure long-term success in all aspects of life. Through this work, clients create their own optimal life by deepening their understanding of their internal obstacles so they can experience a life that is mindful, purposeful, and fulfilling.

As a Buddhist, Veronica implements the powerful tool of mindfulness into her practice, helping women become present from moment-to-moment while learning how to balance multiple tasks skillfully and manage conflict with presence and confidence.  Veronica also teaches meditation techniques that bring attention to the three centers (head, heart, and body) to further the mindfulness work and create balance.

Her dedication goes beyond her personal practice as her commitment to coaching is also reflected through her global corporate background.  Currently at Genentech, Inc. she helps facilitate a life changing personal excellence program that coaches over 180 employees on their interpersonal and leadership skills.

In her free time, Veronica loves to spend time with her friends and family.  A native San Franciscan, she loves trying new restaurants, taking long walks through the city, and stays active by doing Muay Thai training and Yoga.

Are you ready for the life you want?  Reach out to Veronica at or go to her website,

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