Joel Readence, Founder of Joel Readence Coaching

Joel Readence

Joel Readence

Joel is a life and executive coach and the founder of Joel Readence Coaching. He is dedicated to helping gay men, and others, in both personal and professional settings, identify and realize their goals and dreams.

Joel’s focus includes life purpose, relationships, careers, spirituality and personal identity. He has helped his clients improve work/life balance, start their own businesses, find meaningful careers and improve their relationships.   

Joel’s coaching philosophy is based off of the belief that with the right guidance, anyone can create life-changing shifts in their perspective that can break down self-imposed barriers and reconnect them to who they really are. He partners with individuals and groups to help them overcome fear of success, failure and by others to help them identify and achieve their goals and dreams.

Joel has been a regular co-host on Life Coach Radio Networks since its inception, diving into topics that impact many areas of his client’s lives including living a regret free life, reconciling religion and spirituality, overcoming shame and vulnerability and learning to say no.

Joel has spent years managing and coaching people in corporate America. He is a Certified Professional Coach and received his accreditation from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Joel is also a Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership Index Assessment and holds a Bachelors of Business Administration in Operations Management and Business Statistics from Cleveland State University. With that said, Joel believes his greatest value as a coach comes from his real life experiences which include grieving the loss of his best friend to suicide, making peace with an absentee father, identifying a career that adds value and meaning to both himself and the world, dealing with the long running feuds of a dysfunctional family and overcoming the inability to fully participate in a relationship.

Joel lives with his partner, Matt, in New York City. His passions include helping his clients reach their goals and dreams, writing, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Moved by the death of his best friend, William, Joel also created The William Fund, a charity fund that provides funding and support services for LGBT youth outreach programs in the greater New York City area. You can find out more about The William Fund by going to  



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